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Owing to the keen competition of Hong Kong business environment, a ONE –MINUTE down time of your computer equipment may not be accepted by your company. So, a well arranged personal computer maintenance scheme can keep your personal computers and peripherals working smoothly and at peak efficiency. This scheme being run by our company consists of regular preventive maintenance, serviced by our hardware technicians , short-term loan of computer equipment and free replacement of parts for equipment from famous manufacturers like IBM, COMPAQ, AST, ACER, NEC, EPSON, and even compatible machines, Also, hardware upgraded at affordable charges.


COMPUTER AND OFFICE EQUIPMENT CLEANING Besides of hardware maintenance, Mega Systems Limited also provide computer and office equipment cleaning services to meet the on-going trend.. We use specially designed material imported from Germany, Japan and U.S.A, and with our well-trained staff to also help your to keep your equipment always in good shape and efficiency by:
A. Cleaning & polishing the whole machine body.
B. Sanitizing on keyboard/buttons.
C. Removing dirt, stains & ink spots.
D. Applying anti-static treatment to monitor


Being professionals in computer business for many years, our management team has resourceful network of tutors form the same profession who are existing practitioners with the most up-to-date computer knowledge. Those tutors are supplemented with human development knowledge so that they will take consideration of individual progress even though in group training.
A. To provide computer briefing courses to office and factory staff.
B. To equip experience staff with computer knowledge which is applicable to their working environment.
C. To cultivate participants with further interest in computer knowledge by developing computer club which is subjected to approval of centre.


In order to serve our customers in all aspects, we provide technical support. Services consist of installation of operating systems and network software, computer consultancy and hot-line enquiry.
A. Installation of Operating Systems
- Microsoft Windows
- Novell Netware
- Linux
B. On-site Services
- Solve user problem
- User Training
C. Hot-line Enquiry


Linking different machines may sometime be more difficult than putting people together. However, networking and cabling may be an easily job with the help from our experienced technicians. Our services include site planning and preparation, selection and procurement of hardware and software, laying cables and installation of network software from mainframe to personal computers. Total solution can be arranged from point-to-point cabling, thin-wire Ethernet, 10-Base-T, Token-ring, Giga-Ethernet to overseas communication.
A. Cabling Installation
- Mainframe system network cabling
- Mini system network cabling
- Microsoft system network cabling
- Novell system network cabling
- Linux system network cabling
- Macintosh system network cabling
- Token-ring system cabling
B. Modem Installation
- Internal
- External
- Portfax